5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Gratitude Immediately

Think about a time when you told someone you appreciated them. How did that make them feel? How did it make YOU feel? Did you notice the amount of positivity you felt throughout the day? Remember the warmness you felt in your heart. Imagine feeling that every single day. Oh, how much your life would change!

These positive feelings lift you up, boost your enthusiasm, and motivate you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. When you think about it, reaching your goals starts with a single positive thought.

Having gratitude for the things and people and moments in your life can produce the same positive feelings and motivate you to keep striving toward your goals.


Here are 5 benefits of practicing gratitude:


  1. Gratitude helps you to reach your goals. When you feel grateful, it tends to be a lasting and selfless feeling. It's much more than just a momentary burst of positive energy; it has staying power that will provide a great boost for you to reach your goals. 
  1. It strengthens relationships. There are many ways you can express your gratitude to your loved ones, starting with something as small as saying, "Thank you," to writing a letter, or giving them a thoughtful gift. When you learn to appreciate the people in your life, you'll have long-lasting, and loving relationships.
  1. Gratitude improves your communication skills. Gratitude can mean better communication all around. By expressing your gratitude to strangers, they'll be more likely to show an interest in helping you, too.
  1. Learn to give and receive more effective constructive criticism. No matter how we express constructive criticism, it often makes the recipient defensive or even angry. No one likes a blow to the ego. In this situation, a grateful attitude can take you a long way. You can express criticism quite effectively when you also emphasize what you appreciate about them.
  1. It helps to preserve precious memories. You can preserve memories in a positive way when you keep a gratitude journal. You'll be able to enjoy your memories again and again when you read about these happy times in the future. Check out our line of gratitude journals that help you track all of your beautiful moments!


Showing gratitude to others is not only a selfless act, but it's something that you also benefit from. When you show your gratitude to others every day, you ultimately change the way you think.

You'll appreciate the good in your life when the majority of your thoughts remain positive. Negative thoughts can sometimes be overwhelming, and just because you have them doesn't mean you're a bad person. They happen to everyone, but you can strive to keep them to a minimum with the help of a grateful attitude.

One way to show your gratitude every day is to remind yourself of the bigger picture when a negative thought arises. If a petty argument with your spouse arises and makes you feel angry and heated, take a deep breath and think for a moment. Remember that the argument is not permanent and, instead, feel grateful for the gift of this relationship.

We have only one life to live so we must cherish every positive moment and enjoy the benefits of living each day as if it were our last.

Remember, start each day with a grateful heart.